COWSAR Espresso Machine 20 Bar, Semi-Automatic Espresso


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  • A good espresso machine with high-quality coffee beans can make a perfect cup of espresso, which is as addictive as a well-recorded record. The stimulation of taste buds and the satisfaction of body and mind are also fascinating.
  • Although the COWSAR coffee maker has a compact body, it has a pump pressure of 20Bar. The instantaneous high-pressure impact can ensure the extraction of richer oil when the water flow and coffee touch and blend, and the extracted coffee oil layer is more obvious. Taste better and thicker.
  • The COWSAR coffee machine adds a visual operation panel — LED display, knob + button control, coffee running data at a glance, fine control, you can also make barista-like Coffee.
  • This expressions machine adopts a separate water tank and pre-soaking system, which avoids manual multiple water additions and facilitates regular cleaning; the pre-soaking system reduces the pressure at the beginning, allowing the water to flow evenly and gently into and moisten the powder layer before proceeding Boost extraction, which can reduce the bubbles generated during extraction, reduce the probability of channel effect, and increase the extraction rate of coffee.
  • Milk froth is especially important when you want to make latte, mocha or cappuccino. Our small coffee maker has a steam wand. The steam wand uses a whipping method to fully blend with the milk and make the milk froth denser. , and make milk foam according to your different needs: creamy, foamy, greatly improving the chance of latte art.


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COWSAR Espresso Machine 20 Bar, Semi-Automatic Espresso
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