Empstorm Espresso Machine 20 Bar,Espresso Coffee Maker


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  • 20 Bar Professional Pressure : Feel the enjoyment of the ultimate espresso, the perfect concentration brought by 20 Bar pressure, releasing rich flavor and aroma
  • Dual Nozzle Design : Whether it is coffee powder or capsules, whatever you want.Provides even infiltration to ensure full extraction of the coffee grounds, resulting in full-bodied flavor and rich foam
  • Auto Power Off Protection: Coffee maker with automatic shut-off function will automatically shut off power after 25 minutes of coffee making without any operation, needn’t worry that going out but forgetting to turn it off may burn out the machine
  • Easy to Disassemble and Wash : The simple disassembly design is convenient for cleaning, ensuring that the original flavor of coffee can be maintained every time brewing
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET:We will provide 12-month warranty service.The package Included Components:Espresso Machine x1,Steel Filter x1,Capsule Filter x1,Measure Spoon x1,User Manual x1. NOTE:Milk Frothing Pitchers is not included,please purchased separately


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Empstorm Espresso Machine 20 Bar,Espresso Coffee Maker
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